The spirit in which our rooms are provided : service at the heart of each room

Our rooms have been designed to offer you a sense of well-being and discreet luxury. They are at the meeting point of refinement and personal replenishment.

We hope you will find within the privacy of your room all the warmth that we want to give you.

For the comfort of all; thank you for not smoking in the bedrooms.

The atmosphere of each individual room has been created through careful rehabilitation using quality materials. Thermal insulation is external, providing freshness in summer and warmth in the winter. Particular attention has been given to sound-proofing so that you can feel at home, without the neighbours! To this end we have installed double glazed doors and windows, sound-proof doors and double lined the walls and ceilings.

Being lovers of beauty and comfort, we have ensured that all our rooms are made of noble and quality materials : our furniture is made of oiled oak and the solid oak parquet floor has been treated with special Baltic oils. Bedding was supplied by Duvivier and the curtains and valences by Canovas. The Sony televisions are equipped with the latest Smart technology (WI-Fi…) and the lights are hand-made of beautiful materials by Lumart, a company with the official French label, "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living assets enterprise), a label which recognises rare and high quality (sometimes ancestral) skills using the highest quality materials, and their sustainability by training and transfer.

The same care has been given to the decoration. We have done all to bring you pleasure and to surprise you, hoping that you will enjoy this.

Beyond the room facilities, we have given every attention to making your stay with us as pleasant as possible. We provide swimming towels for use with the pool and can wash your own towels when you return from the beach. The rooms are cleaned daily. In the evening, a sewing service will be offered … we won’t say any more, come and discover for yourselves!Ferret vigne is an hotel,but at home!

Finally, we are available at all times to answer your questions and respond to your needs. If you want, we can help you organise your evenings and activities together.