Your Host

My childhood was shared between my parents’ vineyards and holidays on the Atlantic shores, living to the gentle rhythm of the grape seasons and the tides.

Then came my first job, away from the Bordeaux region, but always with the thought that I would soon return. Yet life follows its course and that, much faster than I could have imagined. Married and with two children and a few years spent in Africa and Spain, we put down our suitcases in the Paris region.

There you are! Already fifty and I was keen to embark on a new and fulfilling adventure that will bring me back with so much pleasure to my parental land.

In fact, my husband and I have a heart’s project to create a new activity by renovating and converting the family home into a guesthouse.

Two more years passed and FERRET VIGNE opened its doors!

We are thrilled to share this new chapter in our lives with you and to go on a little further in that spirit of welcome and sharing that has been our motivation through our lives’ journey.