Near to the house

The ocean

This time put your shoes on as the walk will be a bit longer, (15 minutes)! Come on, we’ll take you there. Go the end of our cul-de-sac to the fire break and cross the cycle path. Can you see the little path on the other side of the road that goes off in middle of the forest? That’s the one that takes to the ocean! Enjoy the refreshing air of the pinewood as it leads you to the sand dunes. A little more effort and the ocean will open out before you, majestic and un-tamed.

It spreads out beyond vision, as does the beach which is little frequented but un-guarded, so do be careful of the rollers and the currents. If you want a guarded beach, the "Horizon" beach will welcome you. To go there you will need to walk another 15 minutes or go by bike.